Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Manny Pacquiao"

Good day everyone!! I wonder if you know the undisputed POUND for POUND KING MANNY "PACMAN" PACQUIAO. He is the new reigning IBO Junior welterweight Champion. Pacman defeated Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton on their mega fight on the 2nd day of May. Manny came brilliant and over powers the Englishman. The king knocksout his opponent on the 2nd round of their fight. I think Manny has got his peak and dreams in life that's because of his great faith to God! He is a very religious human being. As I know unlike some boxers, He is a kind person and helps his countrymen. He is putting his money on the right path! As I watch the news yesterday I heared that Pacquiao is investing a 1.2 billion worth of economic zone. A very brilliant man from the Philippines. He is investing his money not just for himself but also for the needs of his countrymen. I hope there are lots Manny Pacquiao in the world! He is fighting nor just for himself but also for the pride and glory of his country, to give his countrymen a good fight and most of all to unite them even only in the hour of his said fight. I heared also that Manny Pacquiao wants to enter politics, I read some forums and blogs on some websites, there are lots of opinions on the said news that Manny is putting himself again in politics! For me, it's Manny's decision, We can't say to him that he can't run in congress and can't win in politics until we didn't try, but as for my knowledge, He ran on the last election in the Philippines as a Governor and he fails to get that position! There are lots of opinions saying that Manny can't run a congress some other said that he has no knowledge bout the laws, and some other things. I think for me we can't judge Manny as long we didn't experience and see how he handles such a position. I think Manny just want to enter politics because he wants to HELP! Yes, that's true he can help even if he didn't enter politics, but I think he is just setting his retirement and setting his life plan. He came from a poor family in General Santos City Philippines and we all know that he didn't want to go back in that status of life. Yes he has lots of money but I think Manny just want to get that position to give the people their needs. I am very sure Manny will not corrupt the money of the people, he has lots of money he didn't need to do that! And as we all know he has a big fear to the Lord!! Before I finish my bog about the new IBO Junior Welterweight Champion, I just want to tell all of the readers that this is only my opinions and some knowledge about a man, a very cool man from Gen.Santos Philippines! Thanks for viewing!